Lane Ranch Labs
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Dams and Sires

Lady Dakota,
Top Dog, of The Lane's

Loyal and loving, Dakota (a.k.a., "Little Doo") is a gentle companion with unmatched hunting instincts. Dakota is incredibly intelligent and eager to please, friendly and sweet she brings a smile to everyone's face the moment they set eyes on her. We expect Dakota to go into labor any moment (updated 7/8/13) with EIGHT puppies!

Dakota is an amazingly inquisitive and intelligent dog.  She loves the water, playing fetch and getting love and attention. She is excellent at retrieving and also has a soft mouth. She loves to swim and play as well as relax with the family in the house.

She is very good with children and other animals, she is gentle with the goats, has learned to stay out of the horses way and when the chickens get out and are running all over the place, and she has learned that they are not her toys!

***Dakota is the chocolate lab at the top of all of our webpages**** 

Link is beautiful! He is tall and lean and has beautiful conformation. His dad calls him a big loving goof ball. He is gentle with his 18 month old human sisters and plays well with other animals. Sweet and kind, he is well behaved and has excellent hunting instincts. Link is not an onsite stud but lives up the road and is available for viewing.

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