Lane Ranch Labs
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Lane Ranch Puppies

Our litters are full of healthy beautiful labs. The litters are AKC certified and new owners take their new puppy home when it is 8 weeks old.

We require all prospective buyers to complete a 
Puppy Application before they come to Lane Ranch to visit or adopt one of our puppies. If you are interested in a puppy from Lane Ranch, please follow the Puppy Application link to complete and submit the form.

Below you will see pictures from both litters as well as pictures of the July 2009 Puppies sent to us by their new families. Some owners have even shared a few stories about their little ones!

Feel free to contact us with any questions at:


Lane Ranch's beautiful chocolate female found a home with her new family: The Mackey's

Lola is a family dog. Her dad takes her for long walks on the American River to play fetch and play with other dogs.

"I really consider her a fantastic dog and couldn't be happier with her disposition and her progress. "


One of our beautiful yellow males was adopted by The Rodriguez family. Jack has adapted wonderfully to his new home and family and is very loved by his new parents and his boy!

"Jack is doing great, he is growing really big. He's been doing good in obedience class. THANK YOU so much, we are very happy to have Jack with us , especially our son Matt."


Lane Ranch's handsome black male found a great home with his new family:
The Benny's

Cash, " in Johnny Cash (since he is always wearing black)," is a family dog. Cash remained in our home until he was twelve weeks old and took advantage of our beginning obedience program: collar and leash training, early potty training, crate training and basic commands.

This is what Cash's dad says about him:

"He has adapted great to his new environment and loves the 5 acres and pond to run and play in... I can't tell you how happy I am to have found you guys as Cash is so well behaved compared to most labs I have been around.  He is very calm and listens well and plays well with our other dog."


Pearl, one of our black females, found her home with her boy: Danny. Pearl is a hunting and family dog.

"She weighs about 60 pounds. She is a big, black, beautiful, hunting machine! We took her out hunting last week and she retrieved all my ducks! She loves water and gun shots and she is my baby."


Lilly is one of our black females. One of the first pups chosen, at six weeks of age, Lilly stayed with us until she was ten weeks old to take advantage of additional training.

Lilly's family loves her a great deal: "She is a great dog. She is fitting in with our family just perfectly."

"I took her to the vet and they said she looks like she is in great health and were impressed by the paperwork you had for us along with the training you started with her. They said we got her from great breeders. "

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